Activity Guided Fractionation

The discovery of a new active plant extract is an important step in the development of a potential new drug or active ingredient. This development requires being able to go as fast as possible to the pure molecule responsible for the biological activity and to elucidate its chemical structure.

Greenpharma combines experimental techniques and original knowledge-based approaches such as databases exploitation and molecular modelling to accelerate the process and offers you the Greenpharma

Activity Guided Fractionation Service

In conjunction with biological activity tests, Greenpharma uses :

  • Preparative HPLC, LC/MSn and NMR to purify and characterize the molecule responsible for the biological activity.
  • Greenpharma proprietary database to search links between plants and molecules
  • Molecular modelling to identify the most likely compound(s) for the desired activity

These steps are iteratively executed until the active molecule is found.

Greenpharma proposes you this complete solution established on a one year based program.