Greenpharma database

Greenpharma Database (GPDB) was developed to exploit the steadily growing botanical data, natural chemical structures, and the knowledge obtained from biological tests with plant extracts, isolated molecules, or from scientific literature in general. In addition, it includes taxonomic data such as the family, genus, and species of organisms, their common names and synonyms. It also provides information on their applications in traditional medicine, as well as indicating the ethnic
groups from which the data were collected.

GPDB represents the core of the Greenpharma platform. It is a unique knowledge management system gathering heterogeneous and complex data: 150,000 natural compound structures, 160,000 organisms, 13,000 biological properties and 54,000 traditional uses. It allows to cross-link different type of concepts in a single interface. Coupled with Selnergy, it is a unique source of research hypotheses inspired by the wealth of Nature.

This original information platform is available through contract research basis. We use GPDB to
support and accelerate our partners’ projects of R&D.