Food Extract Library

You want to discover new natural leads with a reduced time to market? You need the Greenpharma Natural Food Extract Library®, a new library containing extracts from original food matrices.



Nature provides us with a large diversity of food matrices. Greenpharma Natural Food Extract Library® is an easy access to this great biodiversity of potential biologically active and safe compounds like aroma and flavors, food phenolics, carbohydrates, amino acids, fats… Indeed, being isolated from natural resources like vegetables or fruits, these molecules are not only readily available, but should also meet new policy standards like the REACH regulation. Greenpharma offers you the Greenpharma Natural Food Extract Library®, an efficient tool to access to the chemodiversity from original food matrices. Moreover, this library completes our commercial offers that include the Greenpharma Natural Extract Library®, Greenpharma Protein Food Extract Library® and Greenpharma Natural Compound Library®, 3 products based on Greenpharma plant expertise.

The Strategy

To obtain diverse extracts, 96 original and biodiverse food matrices were selected according to their geographic places (exogenous criteria) and their diversity in terms of family, genus and species. It results in a unique library containing diverse natural compounds. This new library includes extracts of common vegetables, fruits or spices from western countries, but could easily be adapted to your needs. We can design new customised libraries with other food matrices, either animal or plant, exotic or rare products, to increase biodiversity.

What is it for ? How is it provided ?

The Greenpharma Natural Food Extract Library® is straightforward to use in your screening assays to discover biological activity in an extract. Bioactive extracts can be fractionated until the characterisation of the hit(s). A new natural lead can be developed after optimisation if necessary. In order to accelerate the identification of the bioactive compound(s), Greenpharma can propose you an activity guided fractionation service (GreenProspect). The extraction protocols are entirely automated in order to guarantee a good reproducibility of the extracts. Moreover, Greenpharma has a significant dry matter stock of freeze-dried food, at your disposal, allowing quick resupply.