Function ingredients

Ingredient repositionning

You have ingredients on the market for a particular application. Why not valorise them by extending their market?

Greenpharma approaches this issue by using its prediction tool, Selnergy. First molecules in high content are identified – customer’s data, bibliographic work and/or phytochemical analysis.

The molecules are then modelled in 3D and virtually screened on our database of 10,000 protein structures. The result is
a list of proteins that may interact with our products. In order to increase the robustness of these predictions and to be as exhaustive as possible, we compare the structures of the studied molecules with a database of protein ligands (1 million references) to find similar products. This will give us a second list.

We will take the consensus of these 2 approaches.

After in vitro validation, the ingredient may be
positionned in a new market.